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Learn to make Paella in a private online class!

5.0 (20 Reviews)
Approximately 1.5 hours
English or Spanish

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Your host Juan
Born in Valencia, the hometown of paella, Juan is passionate about showcasing the region's rice dishes, paella being one of them and the most popular! He teaches what is often referred to as the original paella, a savory dish of short-grain rice cooked alongside chicken, rabbit and green beans. Juan has been cooking his whole life ever since he graduated from university. When living the bachelor life, he missed home cooking and learned to cook by asking his mother how to cook traditional Spanish dishes that he grew up eating. He worked as a civil servant in Madrid. After retiring, he moved to Almeria to be closer to his wife’s family. He and his wife live in an apartment that is a two-minute walk to the beach. He is enjoying the retired life - golfing, cooking and sharing home-cooked meals with friends and family. Juan is excited to share his culture through food and offer the best Spanish online cooking class experience.

  • In your online Spanish cooking class, learn to make a Spanish classic, the Valencian paella
  • This is a private Spanish cooking course, one-on-one online instruction with a fun Spaniard
  • Scheduled mutually at your convenience (host lives in Almeria, Spain (GMT+2))
  • Customization available for dietary restrictions or preferences
  • Recipes and ingredients list will be emailed in advance of class
  • Learn Spanish culinary traditions from the comfort of your own home, in this Spanish online class!
  • Juan prefers not to host more than 3 guests at a time in order to provide personalized attention to each - there are 4 or more of you, he might suggest splitting into two groups.
What will you cook together
  • Menu for your online Spanish cooking class:
  • Traditional Valencian paella
See Full Ingredient List
  • Ingredients for your Spanish online cooking course:
  • 2 cups (450 g) round rice (arroz redonda) or other short grain rice, if not available you can substitute with Arborio or medium grain rice
  • 4 cups water or broth (use the same cup measure for rice and water in a 1:2 ratio)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, sliced
  • 1/2 cup (100 g) tomatoes, peeled and crushed
  • 1 lb (500 g) chicken, skinless, cut into 6 pieces (dark meat chicken like thighs recommended for more developed flavor, if using chicken breasts, substitute chicken or vegetable broth for water to add flavor)
  • 3/4 lb (300 g) rabbit, cut into 4 pieces (or your choice of shellfish)
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp saffron threads (or yellow food coloring if not available)
  • 1/3 lb (150 g) green beans, cut into 1” lengths
  • Salt to taste


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Online Class Reviews
5.0 (20 Reviews)
Sophia 28 November 2021
"There was some back and forth with scheduling a time best for both parties, but other than that things were smooth and we had a great time in the class. Thank you!"
Steve 2 August 2021
"This was our third cooking class through traveling spoon and as always it was a wonderful experience. Juan was very friendly and personable and our only regret is that we could not do this in person. The paella was delicious and we will definitely make it again. We are already looking to plan our next culinary adventure."
Kathy 20 April 2021
"Juan is very personable, fun and attentive whilst our stoves cooked at different times. He takes great pride in his heritage and cooking and it comes through wonderfully in his class. Our paella turned out amazingly and we all had great time."
Florence 20 April 2021
"Juan was amazing during this class!! He was attentive and with us every little step of the way -- including looking at the status of our paella via the camera! It was an intimate group of 3 of my friends and then we were able to enjoy the paella afterwards! HIGHLY recommend!!"
Sheila D. 4 April 2021
"My 2 daughters & I did this class together (Covid time so 3 screens & Juan). It was a really fun experience & we had a good dinner ready for that evening."
Deborah 2 April 2021
"I highly recommend this experience. Great way to get together with friends and prepare a delicious meal"
Sheila 30 March 2021
"My daughter and I did this class virtually with all of us in different locations across the globe. It worked out very well and Juan was such a patient and excellent instructor. He had provided the recipes and answered some questions we had prior to the class so we could be well prepared with our purchased ingredients. The recipes turned out very well and Juan provided a great overall experience. He also gave us some excellent wine recommendations too!"
Michael 25 March 2021
"Juan is awesome- highly knowledgeable and helpful."
Rosalyn 12 March 2021
"We had so much fun and learnt so much in Juan's class. He is passionate about cooking and sharing Spanish cuisine but he is also so fun and friendly"
Deborah 16 January 2021
"Juan was an excellent host -- humorous, smart and paid attention to details. He helped each of the 3 parties engaged each of us by looking at our individual skillets, making suggestions and recommending ways to improve our dish. He also gave a good history of paella and what the dish means to him and his family. And the paella was delicious!"
Catlyn 30 November 2020
"Juan was both enjoyable and knowledgeable and was able to manage two learners on-screen at the same time."
Aimee 20 July 2020
"We had a great time learning about how to cook traditional Paella with Juan over Google Meet video chat. He seemed to have a well cultivated intuition about cooking this dish as he was able to guide my mom and I, both cooking in separate kitchens, through very precise timing and ratios of each ingredient, with delicious results. We also learned a bit of cultural history of Paella. Juan also gave us some other of his favorite combinations of ingredients to try. I would definitely recommend!"
Lisa Rydarowski 20 July 2020
"We had a wonderful experience cooking with Juan! He was so knowledgeable and fun and shared so much history and culture related to the food we were preparing. He shared a variety of options and delicious sounding combinations of ingredients for paella to suit particular tastes. He helped step by step with many excellent hints and answering any and all questions my daughter and I posed. What we made was the traditional recipe which is a good to place to begin. The paella was so delicious that my husband and I ate it for both lunch and dinner the day it was prepared. I also shared it with our best friends next door who also loved it. He was so correct in saying that "timing is everything" when cooking paella. Juan encouraged us to contact him with further questions after our session which both my daughter and I have done over the past several days. He was quickly responsive to each question. I would definitely take additional sessions. Thanks, Juan, it was a pleasure!"
Andrew Davis 25 June 2020
"I've made paella before but alway felt I wasn't quite getting it right. Juan gave me some excellent tips on how to prepare a paella, bring the flavors out and most importantly how to make sure that the rice is done "en su punto" as they say. If you want to learn how to make a real paella (no chorizo!!) and make it properly, I'd highly recommend taking a class with Juan."
Janice 21 June 2020
"He was attentive to each person. He wanted to see what we were doing to assist us. He was informative and patient. I had a blast and the paella was AMAZING"
Susan Marki 9 June 2020
"Our class with Juan was great. It was like he was in our homes, working with us. We prepared a traditional paella in the traditional way but Juan also described how we could alter the traditional paella in ways to suit our particular tastes. Loved it!"
Rachael Dohrn 29 May 2020
"I had fun cooking paella with Juan, he gave many tips for and history of paella, and and we had a lovely conversation while cooking. I look forward to mastering the art of paella! Thanks Juan!"
Jeanette 15 May 2020
"My kids and sister all living in different cities did a group cooking class with Juan. He was well organized, informative and patient throughout the process. He taught us the tips that only a local who makes this regularly would know. He also taught us how to make a Spanish Tortilla while the paella was cooking. We will continue to do these classes even after the SIP ends because we love to hear these kinds of tips that you just cannot get from a cookbook."
Jackie Tan 11 May 2020
"This was a fun way to get together with family. Juan was very helpful throughout the process. Provided some nice background about the history of the dish we prepared"
Sally 11 May 2020
"Juan led us step by step how to make a delicious paella! We had a wonderful time, learned about Spain's food and culture and cooked an amazing meal!"
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