• Traveler Review from May 18, 2017

    I really liked the market visit and Michael had great answers for all of my questions. The food we prepared was delicious and I did learn some new techniques. The cooking school was clean and tidy and the glass walls made for a very pleasant surrounding. Great day!

    Kristin, hosted by Mike in Shanghai BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 12, 2017

    It was a great experience. Fotini our host was gracious, well read and very cultured. The food we cooked with her was delicious and so fun to make. I would definitely do it again! One of my favorite experiences in Athens!

    Ameera, hosted by Fotini in Athens BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 10, 2017

    Upon arrival at her home, Sundari greeted us with sincere warmth and hospitality. What a treat to learn how to cook genuine Indian dishes in the kitchen of a local citizen. It was an amazing Southern Indian culture and cooking class with a delicious meal.

    Katharine, hosted by Sundari in Chennai BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 7, 2017

    A wonderful experience at his modest home which was more than just a dining experience.  We talked about the culture and Balinese way of life, while we were cooking together. Enjoyed the whole experience, especially the tour of the farm and his personal home garden.  And hearing about the medicinal qualities of certain herbs and spices and what types of remedies the Balinese use for ailments.

    Lynn, hosted by Dewa in Bali BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 6, 2017

    Satomi was just perfect. We totally enjoyed our experience. It was great. We went to the fish market, then to her apartment, helped her to cook, ate a great meal. She even sings so beautifully, it was very moving.
    Gadi, hosted by Satomi in Tokyo BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 5, 2017

    JJ was an incredible host, very humble and providing us with insight on the food and the food experience with attention to nutritional values. It has been a great way to meet new people and discover new culinary frontiers. It was our first time with Traveling Spoon and it will surely not the last one. We had a great experience.

    Vito, hosted by JJ in Singapore BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 4, 2017

    Fabulous! Beyond expectations.
    Anonymous traveler, hosted by Lan Anh in Ho Chi Minh City BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 3, 2017

    Lan Anh was an exceptional hostess. We felt at home in her kitchen and  part of her family.  Her cooking skills  are excellent and the food was fabulous. We learned as much about the culture as we did the food.

    Barbara, hosted by Lan Anh in Ho Chi Minh City BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 3, 2017

    This is my second time visiting and cooking with Kadek and their family. I loved them so much I came back again with my mom. They made us feel so at home and like we were part of their family. When I come back again I have a family to visit. And the food was out of this world! Such a happy and positive family! Incredible experience!

    Graciela, hosted by Kadek and Putu in Bali BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 3, 2017

    Keiko was a wonderful host and we spent a lovely few hours in her company. She welcomed us into her home where we enjoyed good food and conversation. Traveling Spoon is such a great way to connect with the culture of the place and see a side you wouldn't see otherwise. Thank you Keiko and Traveling Spoon for the wonderful opportunity. It was a highlight of our trip.

    Fiona, hosted by Keiko in Kyoto BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 2, 2017

    Both of our Traveling Spoon experiences this trip took us out of the more touristy areas and into neighborhoods we would not have otherwise visited. It was a really great way to see other parts of Vietnam and 'travel/eat like a local. Overall, an amazing experience, highly recommended! 

    Brian, hosted by Maia in Hanoi BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from May 2, 2017

    Jessie was an excellent host, her food was delicious. She gave us a great lesson on the basics of South Korean home cooking.

    Yogi, hosted by Jessie in Seoul BOOK NOW
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