• Traveler Review from September 17, 2017

    We had a great time with April! The experience provided us with the two things we were looking for: (a) get to chat in a relaxed setting with a local about day-to-day life and culture and (b) taste delicious food (the Khao Soy and Pineapple Curry April prepared were amazing!!!)

    Patricio, hosted by Simawadee (April) in Chiang Mai BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 16, 2017

    Dr Vinita and her charming family are gracious hosts and excellent company. We discussed many interesting subjects over delicious food. Dr Vinita and I will remain in contact, indeed remain friends and I look forward to welcome her in London when she comes to run the London Marathon.

    Costas, hosted by Dr. Vinita S. in New Delhi BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 15, 2017

    Patricia and her husband Enrique were wonderful hosts, very warm and welcoming. Enrique picked me up from my apartment in Santiago, and filled me in on what it's like living in modern day Chile. Patricia had drinks and nibbles ready on arriving...all local Chilean specialties...with her own beautiful personality added to every dish!

    Karen, Australia, hosted by Patricia in Santiago BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 14, 2017

    Shivani has a very beautiful home and the professionalism of her cooking shows. The dishes were extremely delicious.

    Costas, hosted by Shivani in New Delhi BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 14, 2017

    Daniel was an exceptional host, his food knowledge and interest phenomenal especially in one so young. His food is authentic with a twist, and he can tell you the history of each dish!

    Karen, Australia, hosted by Daniel in Lima BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 12, 2017

    Dinner at Chamsi's was awesome! Beautiful house, and her husband Badr/son Sammy were both lots of fun too. The meal was amazing. Great way to get a local and more authentic look at Moroccan culture and in someone's home.

    Sam, hosted by Chamsi in Casablanca BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 12, 2017

    I had an excellent day with Sundari and her husband Krishna. They were loving, warm and welcoming. The food was delicious and Sundari's warm and welcoming approach made for a calm and pleasurable day. They shared with me their passion for their city and how that can be expressed in food. What a treat! 

    Evan, hosted by Sundari in Chennai BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 11, 2017

    Aoy was an incredible host, she was warm, welcoming and charming. I truly felt like I was invited in to participate in her world and I was very grateful for the experience. She is a wonderful person who not only made me feel comfortable but also made me laugh and helped me to gain a deeper insight into the food, people and culture of Thailand.

    Ishtar, hosted by Aoy in Bangkok BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 10, 2017

    My experience with Min on Inle Lake was one of my favorite, most memorable experiences of a recent 10-day solo journey throughout Myanmar - and I packed my trip full of incredible things.

    Rose, hosted by Min in Nyaung Shwe BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from September 7, 2017

    I have been living in Chiang Mai for 6 months and this was by far one of my favorite, memorable, and educational experiences yet! Lin was absolutely amazing with every single detail. I look forward to going back to visit her and have already cooked one of the dishes she taught us at home!

    Melissa, hosted by Panphailin (Lin) in Chiang Mai BOOK NOW
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