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"The future of culinary tourism" - Forbes

Recent Press

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Dining out in-house 07/11/15

"With home chefs willing to prepare an elaborate feast at home for a price, the concept of eating out is slowly evolving."

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The best and worst travel trends for 2015 07/10/15

"Home is often where the gastro stars rule in the kitchen, and there are now several websites that put you in touch with locals for a home-cooked family meal. It's cultural as well as culinary, a window on domestic life that tourists rarely get to see. Traveling Spoon ( takes you into the family dining room to experience home cooking in 16 Asian countries."

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Spoon-Fed: How Traveling Spoon Helps Hungry Travelers 06/01/15

A vegetarian specialty from the kitchen of Durga Gopalan—who’s welcomed Traveling Spoon guests into her Chennai, India, home—is the South Indian pancake known as adai. "Our personal touch is to add the tender iron-rich leaves of the moringa tree from my garden just before pouring out the pancakes.”

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Home is Where the Hearth is 05/17/15

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. Traveling Spoon, which recently launched in India, heralds a new trend of culinary tourism that connects travellers who want to have an authentic, home-cooked meal to locals who are willing to host them.

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9 Websites That Will Make Your Vacations Better 03/09/15

If you're constantly seeking traditional dishes on your travels, look no further than Traveling Spoon, a food-finding site based in Asia.

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The Next Generation of Culinary Tourism: Traveling Spoon 10/27/14

That was Traveling Spoon, which finds the best Chinese grandmothers and other home cooks and connects them with travelers looking for meaningful food experiences in local homes.

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Food-loving travelers to Asia can shop, cook, and eat with locals, thanks to the Traveling Spoon 09/09/14

This cool new website connects travelers with local home cooks for unforgettable meals.

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8 Must Have Travel Apps 08/28/14

It's not technically an app (yet), but Traveling Spoon is worth opening up a browser for...

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The Most Important Travel Trends of 2014 12/01/13

Dining: You Will Eat With a Local...

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Dineshare: Searching for your next meal online 11/25/13

With the success of Airbnb on the one hand and the foodie juggarnaut on the other, it was only a matter of time before home cooks started turning their stovetops and dinner tables into income-generating assets...

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6 Silicon Valley Startups Launched In The Last Six Months That Could Be Huge 10/23/13

Traveling Spoon offers a meaningful way to enjoy meals abroad. The company unites travelers and locals to share food experiences...

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Featured Travelers: Stephanie and Aashi of Traveling Spoon 10/18/13

Food is the centerpiece of Stephanie Lawrence and Aashi Vel’s travels. Whether it’s mangoes in India, soup dumplings in Beijing, or a home-cooked dinner in Nepal, the two connect to local culture through what they eat...

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Traveling Spoon announced as 4th PITCH finalist at Women 2.0 10/02/13

Congrats to Aashi Vel and Steph Lawrence, co-founders of Traveling Spoon, the latest finalist to be announced for our upcoming PITCH Competition.

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Cooking up a Culinary Exchange in Asia 06/13/13

Steph Lawrence gave her first dinner party when she was 12, serving 40 people. Aashi Vel grew up connecting to her culture through the scrumptious south and north indian food made by her mother in Madras, India...

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Click for the Culinary 10/12/12

Move over couchsurfers. Traveling Spoon links travelers to dining rooms across India...

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