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Travel off the Eaten Path

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  • Traveler Review from November 7, 2018

    The afternoon we spent cooking with Maria was one of the highlights of our trip! After warmly greeting us with tea and pastries, Maria took us to the kitchen of her beautiful home where we made several dishes from scratch. We left with not only packets of leftovers but a warm and open feeling for the people of this amazing country. This was the perfect start of an incredible vacation.
    Barbara, hosted by Maria in Casablanca BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from November 7, 2018

    I had a long layover in Casablanca, so I decided to try a cooking class with Maria before flying back to the US. And I am SOOOO glad that I did. Maria tailored the class to cook exactly what I requested, and then added a seasonal option to boot! She's a warm, wonderful woman with a beautiful setup and I felt comfortable and confident cooking with her.
    Lauren, hosted by Maria in Casablanca BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from November 6, 2018

    I had a lovely time with Kayshap. Among other things we ate shami kebabs, paneer, Indian (chicken) sausages, chicken in a delicious masala and lamb (mutton) korma and a delicious lentil dish. It all looked so easy, but I can't imagine it will be that delicious when I try to cook it for my wife when I get home! I would recommend this to anyone.
    Richard, hosted by Kashyap in New Delhi BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from November 4, 2018

    This was the highlight of our trip. The farmers market was fascinating but being in a home and sharing a meal and conversation was the best! Without a chance to visit a local I think we would have missed a big part of the culture.
    JR, hosted by Daniel in Addis Ababa BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from November 2, 2018

    A great introduction to a lovely country and its delicious food.
    Robyn, hosted by Daniel in Addis Ababa BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 29, 2018

    Kadek and Putu have such a beautiful, down-to-earth family that we got on so well with. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone travelling to Ubud who wants to learn some local cuisine and immerse themselves in a Balinese family and village lifestyle.
    Samuel, hosted by Kadek and Putu in Bali BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 23, 2018

    Jim gave us the best way to experience Dublin. We enjoyed our tour the first full day we were in Dublin and he gave us an insider look at what to do and where to eat in Dublin. Now we don't need to guess which pub to hang out in or where to go to grab a picnic lunch or enjoy a proper Sunday supper.
    Kadine, hosted by Jim in Dublin BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 22, 2018

    My friend and I both really enjoyed our personalized market tour and cooking class with Cinzia. Though our time together was about 6 hours total, we wished it could’ve been longer! For anyone looking for the best, personalized cooking experience in Florence, look no further!
    Aileen, hosted by Cinzia in Florence BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 21, 2018

    Erna and Thanos welcomed us in their home with open arms! The food was excellent! My favourite was the fish, it was very juicy! They also served us a greek classic: aubergine salad, which was so good! The food and wines where all local! We had a lovely evening! Made new friends! And got to experience how nice greek hospitality can be!
    Mica, hosted by Erna in Epanomi-Thessaloniki BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 21, 2018

    We had a lovely visit with Nicole at her apartment in a residential area in Santiago. We enjoyed a fine meal and good company, joined by her husband Claudio after he came home from work. We especially enjoyed the pumpkin soup, unlike any we have had.
    Barry, hosted by Nicole in Santiago BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from October 19, 2018

    Brilliant cooking lesson and extremely welcoming host. Happily catered to our vegetarian, spicy food requirements and the food we cooked was excellent. Lots of recipes to practice at home and knowledge of which ingredients to use. Topped off by trip to the market to get more cooking accessories and ingredients. Best thing we did in Chennai!
    Helen, hosted by Sundari in Chennai BOOK NOW
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    We find the best home cooks around the world so you can immerse yourself in meaningful food experiences and cultural traditions passed down through generations. Visit a grandmother in her kitchen in India and learn how to make crisp dosas or spend time on a farm in Northern Thailand and grind curry pastes.

    Choose from three unique experiences with our hosts, or pick a combination:

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    In-home Meals
    1 ½ - 2 hrs

    Experience the joy of a homemade meal (and eat it the way the locals do) over conversation about food and culture

    Cooking class icon
    Cooking Experiences
    3 - 4 hrs

    Discover cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations as you learn to cook with your host in their kitchen

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    Market visits
    1 - 2 hrs

    Explore a nearby market with your host, discovering the best local produce and its producers

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