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  • Traveler Review from March 13, 2020

    Loved every minute! The last days of our holiday were spent in Casablanca. With the help of Chamsi we had the opportunity to learn how to shop and cook like a Moroccan!. It was a fun day spent preparing delicious food purchased that morning from the market and local bakery. Chamsi welcomed us into her beautiful home to cook and eat the delicious results! It was so much fun!!! Thank you Chamsi for making it one of the highlights of our trip!
    Yvonne, hosted by Chamsi in Casablanca BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 13, 2020

    Some people are simply the best. Best teacher ever, making everything look so simple. Thanks Christina!!!
    Antoni, hosted by Christina in Athens BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 12, 2020

    I was very impressed by Sofia’s knowledge of Yucatan cuisine. I asked Sofia if we could make tamales and although she informed me it wasn’t often travellers requested this, she managed to fulfill my request. I didn’t realise how long tamales took to make (we took 5 hours + eating time!) so I am very appreciative of Sofia’s persistence for this. It was just us two as I was a solo traveller. We also made guacamole, several salsas, not one but 3 types of tamales + dessert.
    Nathan, hosted by Sofia in Merida BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 7, 2020

    Daniel and Tigris were wonderful hosts and guides to their culture. The tour was very informative, the cooking lesson lots of fun and lunch delicious. To top it off, Tigris created a coffee ceremony for us, and we enjoyed their knowledge in answering our questions over great coffee. We highly recommend this experience!
    Eliza, hosted by Daniel in Addis Ababa BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 3, 2020

    This is a wonderful and private class and the best food I’ve eaten so far in Bali due to Putu’s home made cooking. Putu is very welcoming into her home and explained what a traditional Bali house is like. Most of the ingredients were grown by her and we made 6 dishes. All the food was delicious and we made so much that I was given leftovers to take back. I thoroughly recommend this class as it is small and intimate. Just make sure you eat a light breakfast!
    SMC, hosted by Putu in Bali BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 3, 2020

    Paula’s cooking class is an amazing experience. She’s friendly, warm and knowledgable. The cooking class was well planned and really hands on! She talked us through the whole process and the food turned out delicious! Everything was 1st class, from being picked up from the ferry to the hospitality received in her studio and even walked us through Almada, sharing stories and pointing out landmarks. Would do it all over again.
    Gerald, hosted by Paula in Lisbon BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 3, 2020

    Iti, a true India’s ambassador. I had an absolute privilege to meet Iti at her home and enjoy her gloriously delicious and authentic Bengali dishes. And the conversations were a real treat too. I know I am coming back for a second serving on my next visit to Kolkata.
    Pashadom, hosted by Iti in Kolkata BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 1, 2020

    Delicious Experience. A very enjoyable experience meeting Maria and learning the art of Moroccan cooking. The day started with a trip to the market followed by tea and sweets in the salon of Maria’s home. Then we began the preparation for cooking Moroccan salads and lamb tangine. The meal was delicious.
    Gregory, hosted by Maria in Casablanca BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 1, 2020

    Wonderful experience! This was a wonderful, authentic experience with Si and his family. We shopped in the local market, then went back to their home and cooked with them in a beautifully designed outdoor (but shaded) traditional kitchen. It was a wonderful experience that I would very highly recommend.
    Salim, hosted by Si in Luang Prabang BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from March 1, 2020

    Great experience with Sato san. We learned to cook ramen and gyozas. Since I'm a vegetarian, he adapted the recipes and it was successful. It tasted great. To be honest, we found it to be the best ramen and gyozas we've ever eaten. And we’ve been in Japan for a year and we’ve tried a multitude of restaurants, that’s to say!
    Anonymous, hosted by Satoru in Tokyo BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from February 25, 2020

    We came across this fantastic activity whilst searching for something a bit different to the ordinary touristy excursions, via British Airways experiences. Don and Nancy were wonderful hosts and made us feel welcome and relaxed. The pizza making itself was excellent, picking up key culinary tips, constructing the pizza, personalising the tomato sauce...whilst getting to chat about Chicago and travel! A really enjoyable and unique foodie experience in the heart of Chicago and something that we highly recommend!!
    Vogue16, hosted by Nancy and Don in Chicago BOOK NOW
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    We find the best home cooks around the world so you can immerse yourself in meaningful food experiences and cultural traditions passed down through generations. Connect with local culture through food. Visit a grandmother in her kitchen in India and learn how to make crisp dosas or spend time on a farm in Northern Thailand and grind curry pastes, and experience how local people live.

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    Experience the joy of a homemade meal (and eat it the way the locals do) over conversation about food and culture

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    3 - 4 hrs

    Discover cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations as you learn to cook with your host in their kitchen

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    Explore a nearby market with your host, discovering the best local produce and its producers

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