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Authentic Cooking Classes

Online and in-person cooking classes with locals around the world. Learn to cook new cuisines and travel from your own kitchen with our latest online cooking classes.

  • Traveler Review from January 9, 2021

    Our class with Cinzia was wonderful... Cinzia gave us useful insights and methods on pasta making and explained why different approaches have different results. I've made pasta for a few years now on my own, and this definitely increased my skill level...
    Eli, hosted by Cinzia in Florence BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 9, 2021

    Emi was a fantastic host... I have always had trouble making dumplings... but Emi's way worked for me and my gyoza looked professional! It was an enjoyable class and I highly recommend it! A great cultural and culinary experience from your own kitchen.
    Eli, hosted by Emi in Tokyo BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 9, 2021

    Pea's class was fantastic. The pad thai and papaya salad turned out better than I ever could have hoped. She was kind and generous and really fun to work with. The three of us loved the class!
    Eli, hosted by Pea in Chiang Mai BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 6, 2021

    Cinzia is a great host. The recipes were delicious and we had a great time.
    Stephanie, hosted by Cinzia in Florence BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 5, 2021

    ...Daniel and his wife Tigist are amazing. They made our class easy and fun and made us feel very welcome and capable. We had the perfect mix of chatting and getting to know each other with the cooking guidance. I can't wait to visit and do an in-person class when we can travel.
    BA, hosted by Daniel in Addis Ababa BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 5, 2021

    Was a great fun evening and a way to connect virtually with my colleagues. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different to do. Thank you Gabriela for making it fun and tasty!
    Karen, hosted by Gabriela in Buenos Aires BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 5, 2021

    Shalini was an awesome host for our class on Samosas. She was super helpful, understanding, and patient. The Samosas were excellent and we enjoyed our first Traveling Spoon experience.
    David, hosted by Shalini in Jaipur BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from January 3, 2021

    Fabio and Anarella had a great set up in their kitchen so we could clearly see them and the food. They did a great job engaging us as if we were there in person. It was a fun experience...
    Molly, hosted by Fabio and Annarella in Noto BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from December 31, 2020

    ...Casto was great and walked me through the entire process. He is an excellent teacher, and was very patient... I have recommended his class to friends already, and highly encourage people to take any class he offers.
    Jarvis, hosted by Casto in Centreville, VA BOOK NOW
  • Traveler Review from December 14, 2020

    Daniel and Tigist were friendly, patient, and generous, and we thoroughly enjoyed the conversation in addition to the food. When we sat down to dinner (about midnight our time due to the time difference), it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Absolutely worth staying up late for a midnight dinner. Definitely a rare highlight of a very weird year.
    Liz, hosted by Daniel in Addis Ababa BOOK NOW
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    Find your destination and book a private meal or cooking class with the best home cooks in their homes around the world

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    Satisfaction guarantee

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    "Traveling Spoon is a brilliant idea. The world needs it." - Alice Waters

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    We find the best home cooks around the world so you can immerse yourself in meaningful food experiences and cultural traditions passed down through generations. Connect with local culture through food. Visit a grandmother in her kitchen in India and learn how to make crisp dosas or spend time on a farm in Northern Thailand and grind curry pastes, and experience how local people live.

    Choose from three unique experiences with our hosts, or pick a combination:

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    In-home Meals
    1 ½ - 2 hrs

    Experience the joy of a homemade meal (and eat it the way the locals do) over conversation about food and culture

    Cooking class icon
    Cooking Experiences
    3 - 4 hrs

    Discover cultural and culinary traditions passed down through generations as you learn to cook with your host in their kitchen

    Market tour icon
    Market visits
    1 - 2 hrs

    Explore a nearby market with your host, discovering the best local produce and its producers

    Our Favorite Experiences

    Discover the best private, authentic food experiences in people's homes around the world